Bitcoin Poker

Know Everything You Want to Learn About Bitcoin Poker

Poker is a card game that has many forms. Nowadays, gamblers are taking more interest in online gambling than the orthodox kind of gambling. The online casinos also offer poker to play and win real cash. Usually, 2-7 players can play this game at the same time, but the number of players also depends on the type of poker you are playing. No matter what number of players are there, you can win only if you bet strategically in this game. In addition, the chances of the win would be higher, if you try Bitcoin poker. You will apply bitcoins with each bet and win bitcoins. Newbie players should pay the attention to how to bet in online poker so that can get maximum returns of their stakes.

Tips for new players

Play for a reason

People play poker for both reasons, winning the money and also for fun. Why are you betting in Bitcoin poker? Do you want to win more bitcoins or you are doing just time pass. Knowing the reason makes you a better poker player. Well, it does not mean that players should make wrong sized bets, whether they are playing for fun. Your ultimate goal is winning the game and you can place the right bets by keeping this goal in your mind.

Make perfect decisions at the right time

As mentioned above, 2-7 players play poker game at the same time. All the players give their best to win the session. Only those get succeeded who make the right decisions at the right time. Your aim should be using the cards in a way that you can affect the competitors’ game and take the maximum out of your cards. It doesn’t matter you win or lose, how long you stay in the game matters a lot. Your ability of turning defeats into wins makes you a great poker player and for that you need to make the right decisions, when gambling online.

Making your opponent fold

According to a rule of thumb, you can make the opponent fold by betting as small as you can. Other players consider you as a fish, when you bet small like half of the pot. You slowly move towards the goal and you also save money for further actions. It is seen that many players fold during small bets and thus your chances of winning increase because the game remains between only two or three players. Soon, the other player will dead-set on calling, he will do that regardless of bet size. Consequently, you can save money on the table, when the opponent calls. This tip for betting in bitcoin poker leads players towards a great performance.

The tactic of call

It is a value bet, when you are willing to get called. Gamblers play pot size bets, when they want to get called because they believe they have better hands than others. So this time you should place higher bets and the opponent will call. By applying this tip, you can reduce the losses and register a big win.

How the opponent is playing?

Understand how the opponents are playing, if you are betting in online poker at the same table with the same players. Knowing when they fold, call and increase the bet size can help you in planning better winning strategies. So keep sharp eyes on the actions of your opponents. All the newbie gamblers can get some great winning experiences by following above mentioned tips. These tips will help you with the maximum forms of poker. Of course, you will win most of the time and fill your bitcoin wallet with many coins.

The best poker playing strategies

It can be quite enjoyable to see how you apply some strategies and make others fold. It can be more enjoyable, when you beat others and win the poker session. To do both things you need to learn some essential bitcoin poker strategies which can improve your ability of placing the right bet size and taking right action.

  • Play less, fold more

    Expert gamblers can easily judge newbie poker players because newbie players play every hand. Not all times you can get good cards. It is better to fold more often than playing every hand. You can fool other players as you are applying poker strategies and you are a well-skilled poker player.
  • Try your luck in freeroll poker tournaments

    The bitcoin casinos often organize freeroll poker tournaments. You should take part in such tournaments. You risk no money and find many players on the table, who don’t play tactically. Thus, your opportunities of winning the maximum hands increase.
  • The time to take part in tournaments

    Some bitcoin casinos run poker tournaments every day. These casinos provide gamblers more than enough chances of winning big prices in poker. Don’t get attracted towards the prize and wait for the right time. Enter in the tournament, when the number of opponents is low. Apply the best poker strategies and moves and you will be the winner.
  • Keep your gambling account full of bitcoins

    Betting in poker game without having enough credit can result in poor quality bets. You would often like to fold if there is half chance of winning the hands. Your ability of applying strategies for risky wins will get reduced. Therefore, you should keep the wallet full.
  • Try your luck in poker variants that offer two pots

    Poker is one of those casino games that have many variants. You find poker games like Texas Hold’em to try your luck in two pots. Maybe you can win one or both of them.
  • Increase your bankroll bit by bit

    A lot of online gamblers come with the strategy that they will increase bankrolls and force others to fold quickly. Players, who are playing by applying smart strategies, recognize such players and take their hands. Don’t follow boom or bust tactic and play logically.
  • Play according to pot limit

    Like any other poker player, you would not like to go all in. The best way of doing that is playing according to pot limits. Consequently, you can reduce the potential losses and get a fair chance to win more credits.
  • Try poker games in different bitcoin casinos

    Playing the same tournament time and again in the same casino won’t offer bigger wins. To earn a large number of bitcoins you should do poker site hopping. It is one of the best poker strategies to earn more money.
  • Do not play in more than one room at the same time

    You need to concentrate on each move, when you are playing poker. In case of betting with bitcoins, playing in more than one room, can decrease your ability of winning the poker session. Play in one room and apply the best strategies to win the game.
  • Use all the poker playing tools

    The bitcoin casinos offer gamblers with many poker playing tools. These tools improve your understanding about poker and make you a better player. So try these tools to improve your decision taking power in a tactical game like poker.

Different types of poker plays

A person may know how to play poker game and what are the rules of this game, but still there is no guarantee that he will win. A lot of gamblers sit on the table with strategies and expertise of poker. Everybody wants to win, but you can take advantage over the opponent’s moves only if you know some special moves, which are known as poker plays. Being a master in these moves can turn you into a great poker player. Knowing about the different types of poker plays and when they should be used, can help you in winning many sessions. So let’s check out the rules of applying poker moves to earn the maximum profit.

Aggressive Plays

Different players play with different styles and as an expert you can understand their game. The aggressive play can reward you some great wins, if you remain undetectable. If you are not playing a lot of hands in the poker game, you are playing a tight game. The specialty of aggressive players is that they rarely play hands, but they raise the pot value and re-rise it if they have good cards. It becomes quite easy to judge that you are playing aggressive poker plays, but by trying aggressive plays you can bluff with others that you have some good cards.

Bluffing plays

Even those, who have never taken part in a single poker session, think that they know what is bluffing. Actually, players apply bluffing as a strategy to turn their weak hands into stronger hands. Players try bluffing because they want the opponent to fold his cards. You can bluff better if you know the game of your opponent. The bet size in bitcoin poker also matters along with your position in the game. Newbie players should avoid bluffing because mastered poker players can apply this move against them and turn their defeat into wins.

Check-raise plays

It is a very basic move of poker game that every player applies as a winning tactic of this game. The players apply, check-and-raise strategy to enhance the opponent’s bet size and turn his position against him. It is basically applied to force the opponent for putting more money into the pot. Among all poker plays, this move can help you in winning more if you have strong hands. You can represent yourself as a master player, if you apply this move because you can easily bluff and force others to fold.

Stealing plays

When it comes to applying opponent’s aggression against him, the players use the stealing play strategy to do that. Often players with loose hands try to raise the pot value for stealing blinds. The stealing plays come into act if the blinds become larger. As a newbie, you can apply this move against masters to make them fold, if they don’t have good hands for the running session. Among all known poker plays, stealing plays is applied to win recognized blinds. You can be mastered in that, if you daily take part in the bitcoin poker games.

Trying above given moves can improve your gambling level in poker. Off-course, these plays are essential to win more and lose fewer amounts.

Why should you try your luck in Bitcoin poker?

All the details we have shared in this article will realize you that poker is not an easy game. It requires a deep understanding of the game, its strategies and types of plays. Anyone, who plays poker, knows that things can anytime go against him. Therefore, the player gets ready to face losses. Even though you cannot predict you will win or lose, you can maintain a good balance in your gambling account. All you need to do is finding a bitcoin casino that offers impressive rewards along with some extra bonus.

Play like an anonymous gambler

The bitcoin casinos never ask the gamblers to reveal their real identity. They seek only some details like the ID you want to use in the casino and your bitcoin wallet details. You will remain anonymous to the world and make huge money by gambling at bitcoin poker. There are many anonymous players, who have won many bets in the poker game and withdrawn the bitcoins immediately.

No extra fees on deposit and withdrawal

The best thing about bitcoin casinos is that they offer great odds and many types’ bonuses. They do it to encourage newbie gamblers and help them in playing more and winning more. Bitcoin casinos do not face loss because they don’t pay any penny, when the gamblers make deposit or withdraw the bitcoins. The whole transaction takes place immediately and that’s what quite impressive about bitcoin gambling.

So, now you know everything about bitcoin poker and the winning tactics. The only thing remains undone is finding a reliable bitcoin casino and joining it to play bitcoin poker. So, do these two things now to try your luck in poker games.

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