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Bitcoin eSports Betting, Offering Many Opportunities to Make Money Online Fast

People have always found gambling as the best way of making money. It is an activity that brings a lot of fun, money and thrilling enjoyment in people’s life. People have been gambling on different kinds’ sports and game since the ancient time. Now the games are changed, betting formats are improved and that’s how gambling has become a lot better than it used to be during the old age. The gamblers have found the way of making money from all types’ sports and games. These are not only the casino games which offer the opportunity of making money fast, but all types’ games and sports people play offline or online. The eSports betting has become quite popular within the last few years. It is a new thing that every gambler wants to try and the bitcoin eSports betting is simply amazing and beneficial for the gamblers.

eSports Betting

People used to try their luck in the casino games, sports betting and other local forms of gambling. Things got changed and people got a new way of betting, when some gamers took their skills seriously. Many gamers found that they can compete in teams and play games like Counter Strike, League of Legends and some other games. Hence, online gaming was a great option for the gamers, they formed teams and started competing in live gaming. Today, the games like League of Legends are quite famous among the gamers. People stake a large amount on different teams, which play these games and win the prize.

World’s leading video game development companies are now trying to develop and publish more games that can allow the gamers to compete and ultimately offer the gamblers with some great gambling opportunities.

Bitcoin eSports betting

As bitcoin has reduced the difficulties of gambling in other forms of gambling, similarly it is also being used for eSports betting. There are thousands of individuals, who cannot try eSports betting because they don’t want to share their personal details and banking details with eSports betting sites. The bitcoin eSports betting is just like a boon for them. Now they can stake as many coins as they want and get some great opportunity of winning more bitcoins with the win of their favorite eSport teams. That’s how the gambling world is enjoying this new way of gambling with bitcoins. You should also try it, if you want to make money fast.

Yes, you can find online bookmakers for bitcoin betting

Bookmakers used to prepare the spread only for sports. They used to consider video games as a way of entertainment. Things got changed as more and more people started watching live competitions. The bookies realized that there is a huge gambling opportunity in the live video game competitions. Today, these competitions are called eSports. Almost betting sites have added these eSports to their betting rotation. It means, now you can wager on some renowned games like StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void, League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Heroes of the Storm and Dota 2. There are many famous gambling operators, which are allowing the users to apply their bitcoins for wagering on these games. They offer a fair gameplay and great odds so that the gamblers can get the best outcome for their bets.

There are many people, who try their luck in the bitcoin eSports betting. Of course, people wager wisely and choose the teams by considering their winning potentials. The gamblers often watch and discuss the live competitions on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. They pay attention to all the aspects of the competition. They carefully check which team is performing better and which the most accomplished players are. Many experts also predict the outcomes so that newbie eSport gamblers can follow their predictions for winning the bets. You can follow some famous betting sites on social networking platforms and join the discussion with other gamblers. The bookmakers will allow you to bet on any team you support. You will win a large amount, if the prediction is right.

The gamers do not pay attention to who is dependent on their win. They focus completely on their game and prepare the winning strategies to defeat the competitors. By the way, one competition also takes place among the bookmakers. There are many sites that try to offer better odds so that they can attract more gamblers. The bitcoin betting sites offer the best odds and some extra bonus on every win. People, who choose bitcoin eSports betting sites, they earn a larger amount in comparison to others.

The bitcoin gambling sites and casinos always play a large amount because they don’t pay to the banks. People stake bitcoins from their bitcoin wallets and start gambling without paying extra fees. Similarly, the bookmakers also don’t pay any penny and that’s why they offer great odds.

The most popular eSports betting games

There is an array of video games, which are played online, and which offer gambling opportunities. We have listed the best games to help you in choosing the best game.

  • League of Legends

    LoL or League of Legends is probably one of the most liked video games. Millions of people play this game and watch it online. This game offers a multiplayer battle arena in which many players take part to defeat their competitors. This game was developed by Riot and it seems quite inspired from Dota game. The difference seems visible, when the cartoonish protagonists run around the battle ground to defeat the rivals. It is quite tough to reach the high levels. In fact, many people pay hundreds of dollars to the expert LOL gamers, who help them in reaching the highest levels. The game becomes very interesting, when teams of five members gamers try their best to destroy the competitors’ base in the game.

    LoL management team offers live streaming of the matches between renowned teams. Millions of people watch these matches to see which team is winning the match and which is not performing well. It encourages people for eSports betting because they see some tough competitions live, and think about investing their bitcoins in such eSports games. League of Legends has succeeded in drawing millions of gamblers to the betting sites. Most of those gamblers bet bitcoins and win bitcoins.

  • Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void

    This game is the newest addition to the Starcraft franchise. This game is played in all sorts’ eSports tournaments. This game is really a great treat for viewers. People love to watch it, when two teams fight against each other to get the upper hand. Things can get changed within a split second and any team can win it. The gamer and their supporters, both feel a huge thrill during the tournament. A wise gambler can choose the team by considering their true potential and then start betting to win a huge amount. Most of the bitcoin eSports betting sites provide this game, so you should try your luck in this game.
  • Dota 2

    The odds also depend on the game you choose for eSport betting and every bookmaker offers the best odds for Dota 2 betting. This game is famous as the best paying of all the games. The bookmakers offer guaranteed prize pools for this game, which consist millions of dollars. The original version of this game was created almost a decade ego and the developers have designed it with all the modern features. This game offers a new roster of the protagonists and ten players can play it online. They will be divided into the 5-5 players’ teams and then they will fight to destroy the opponent’s base. Many agencies organize competitions and many teams take part in those competitions. Those competitions are streamed live so that the gamblers can watch and stake their money.
  • Counter Strike Global Offensive

    If you will search for the best first person shooter game online, Counter Strike will be on the top. It is currently the most popular game among the eSports gamblers. It is a game that offers several different gameplays and objectives to win the battle. There is no need to say that gamers from all over the world play this game and try to get the best shots against the opponents. Of course, official events are organized in which different teams compete against each other to win the match. A team, which earns the maximum points, wins the match. You can also win many bitcoins, if you bet on the winning team and bet on a reliable betting platform.

    These four are the most popular games in the eSport betting world. The good thing is, you can invest your bitcoins for betting on all four video games. You can find a reliable bookmaker online and create an account to start eSports betting. The online bitcoin betting sites offer better odds than fiat currency betting sites. Therefore, you should bet only on bitcoin eSports betting sites.

Bitcoin eSports betting tips for newbie gamblers

It is okay, if you have never tried eSports betting before. Many people do not know about it and that’s why they don’t bet on eSports competitions. Well, now you know it and that’s why you should know how to start and where to start so that you can earn a huge profit. Follow the guide mentioned below to make some profitable decisions as an eSports gambler.

  • Get a bitcoin wallet

    You must choose bitcoin eSports betting, if you are planning to make a huge amount very quickly. Of course, the bitcoin wallet would be necessary for the registration on the betting site. You can go online, find the bitcoin wallet providing site, choose the type of bitcoin wallet, you want, and then get it. Join an online eSports betting site, if you have got the wallet and start betting.
  • Say no to fiat currency betting

    Many people may argue that why should we purchase bitcoins, when we already have money in our bank accounts or credit card. Well, the reason would be your security. Your identity and your image will never be under threat if you choose bitcoin betting. The bitcoin is a crypto-currency, which is now a legal digital currency. The actual value of a bitcoin is 1200 times larger than the US dollars. You can quickly become a wealthy gambler, if you stake on the winning team and get some great odds.

    There is a problem with the fiat currency betting sites, they do not offer great odds. In fact, they ask you to provide complete details regarding your bank account and credit card. You need to provide your name, address and phone details so that betting services can contact you in the dispute situation. You may not like to share all of these details and that’s why bitcoin eSport gambling is the best choice.

  • Deal with only reliable bookmakers

    Hence, eSports betting is very famous nowadays, many new bookmakers have arrived in the market to make money. Most of these new bookies offer gambling only on a few selected games. It is not sure that they will offer great odds or not. You should not register yourself on such new eSport betting sites. You should search for the bitcoin eSports betting sites. You can find the support of some of the most experienced bookmakers there, who will offer impressive odds and extra bonus with each win.
  • Choose a team wisely

    Newbie gamblers may not have any idea about which team plays LoL the best and which team is weak. The same issue will be with them, when they will bet on other games. Newbie gamblers should do a good research before betting on a team. You should check the winning record of the players, their performance and user reviews so that you can choose a right team.

That’s all you need to do, if you want to win a large number of bitcoins online in eSport betting. This activity will bring a huge entertainment in your life and you will earn a lot of money, if you bet wisely.

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